Thursday, November 17, 2011

November Challenge

This month Steve Steiner asked us to show how we would catch a Bigfoot. Go over to Odd Kredenzas to find out! This information could help save your life someday!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

New York Comic Con 2011

BOOM! Hello my friends. Hello internet. You know what? I missed you. How is everyone doing? Dang, it's been awhile. Well, I thought it would be time to recap our recent adventures to the land of the Big Apple. See we have this new project called 'Hero Action Persons'... I may have mentioned it before, I'm not sure. See we put our love, our passion, our peanut butter, and all of the hot sauce we could find- mixed it all together and then started writing and drawing and coloring a comic and we thought it was time to share it with the world! That's a really long sentence. We got some sample books printed, made all of these CD ROMS (yeah I still call them CD ROMS, what of it?) and about 10 or more flyers to hand to ALL of the massive crowds that would run to Graphicly and download all of our comics. That's right. We had our eyes on the prize. It was time to harrass the fans, and the publishers at one of the biggest conventions in the world. No one was safe.

Right off the bat this girl jumped in front of the camera and was all 'take a picture of me holding your best-selling book!' What could I do. This is what we call 'groupies.' I pretty much called the FBI on her because she was so dang excited.

And so then I got inspired and jumped in front of the camera too. Check out that HOT watch I'm wearing there. That's the kind of thing you wear to the convention TO GET NOTICED. Kmart has some great selections nowadays, plus they're very affordable. That's good advice right there. We call that 'money in the bank.' BOOM! You can see that's the New York Comic Con behind me. That's what I was talking about like 2 paragraphs and/or sentences earlier. Just wait till we get inside. There was WAY more than 10 people inside. I'm not even joking.

See what I mean. And this was only the first day. There's not even crazy costumes yet. You can't even imagine it.... Man this is a bad picture. I should really go back on Facebook and try to get some more off of someone else's account, but then there's that whole 'legal' thing. That sucks. Well, just imagine there's like 800 people dressed as THE PREDATOR in this picture and you'll get the idea what Saturday and Sunday was all about. Luckily I hadn't taken a shower in a long time so I was almost totally invisible to them.

So right away as you can see in this picture I got to work. Yeah, I don't comics or uh- shop for wicked awesome toys or anything like that. No. I was pure business. No fear. Just go right out there and impress the heck out of all of those publishers. You can see I'm totally in the zone right now.

Later that night I ran into almost the entire Zuda Comics right there. That was an epic night. MPD57, Alex Vidal, and Mr. Epting the Spelunker. I think here I was trying to warn everyone about THE PREDATORS. I was ready to protect them with my camouflauge. No one was having any of it. I was really ready to throw down and bring the heat though. Just look into my eyes. Yeah.. I know. It's intense.

Here is a picture of the T600 (pretty much the baddest Terminator in my opinion. And I do mean Bad in the righteous sense. because I don't have any pictures of what happend later...Well because again, there's that whole 'legal' thing- but let me just tell you: Perhaps more than one non-alcoholic beverage was consumed by one or more of those people that night.) I also ran into some more great Zuda friends and amazing people in the early hours of the morn. At that point, I can vouch for myself that I was in no condition to operate any thing like a camera. Sorry about that. But I did see the Timonys, Rob Berry, Dan Govar, Kevin Colden, Kwanza, and several others that shouted their names to me in the roar of awesomeness of that night. Just imagine it. Your imagination will do better than any photos I could post. Or I could put up some more pictures of The T600. I've got a lot of those. Man that's an awesome robot.

And so then I met up with Alex again and him and I conspired to get our hands on all of the original art we saw there. Alex had some really good ideas using explosives. I'm not sure they're going to let him visit the USA again, but the CIA did agree those were some totally wicked ideas about how to steal Jack Kirby pages.

Finally, at the end of the trip, I got to talk to this guy who insisted he was the CEO of a REALLY big comic book publisher. I couldn't really understand what publisher he worked for, but I totally gave him my card. I'm sure we'll be hearing something soon. It's about that book we're trying to publish. Did I mention that?

And here's a picture of Lobo. Did you ever read that one? That's the stuff I say.
Well, I'm pretty sure this is the most I've ever written on this blog or anytime since the last day of school in the 6th grade when I had detention and had to write an essay about why I was sorry for something I totally didn't do. I'll talk about that next post.
Until then, Excelsior!