Thursday, November 26, 2009

Batman Annual 1990

so i got bored with that 'n' thing. meh. this comic just slipped out of a mess of of books. i must have thrown it into my bag when i was back home last summer. ah, what a goodie. probably my favorite 'two-face' cover ever. and the sprouse art is awesome. not to mention it has a great story.
this seems to be the week for comics from 1990.
my version of 'wolverine: the jungle adventure' is up over at Robert Goodin's awesome Covered site. ah, memories.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Stephen King's "N"

I'm intrigued. I'm gonna start reading/watching these.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Marquis

I picked this up a couple weeks ago. It was weird. I started to read it. It's like a 300 page graphic novel, and usually you can read one of those within a few hours. But one of those things, I was only able to read a few pages here and there. It was a slow burn. I fell asleep quite a few times trying to read it before bed. And about a third of the way into it I was feeling- ah, so so. Nothing special. I don't know why it has all these worshipping reviews. But then, I don't know. It started to grow on me. Pretty soon I realized I had been reading this thing for over 2 weeks. So one day, I sat down and said, "I am going to finish this bastard today." And so then I did and WOW.
The shining lights in my comic book history goes like this:
The Dark Knight Returns pretty much kicked the doors down for me.
The first 4 graphic novels of the TMNT also fired me up.
The frantic energy of Kyle Baker's DIck Tracy books did it too.
Then it was Mcfarlane's work on early Spawn- which got me obsessed with lines.
Then Sin City came out, and that was about the only comics I read for years.
With a Hellboy here and there...
Then I picked up the first '100 Bullets' collection on a whim and fell completely in love with that series- up until about the 8th book when I think it started to get TOO gritty and there were no more characters to love. I may have to go back and finish it.
With the exception of The Dungeon series and everything Lewis Trondheim does, I'd say for the last 6 or 7 years I've just been buying books based on the art. So I own a lot of awesome looking stuff- but not too much with totally gripping stories...
Now there's Marquis, and I feel a re-awakening. It manages to remind you of dozens of different things you've read before, but somehow manages to be completely fresh and different from all of them.
I can't reccommend this enough.
Plus, it's dang creepy.
Ordinarily people in comics draw monsters that you just want to keep looking at. I mean, if you saw a comic book monster in real life, you would just stand there and admire it. Davis' monsters are really disturbing and twisted. You don't want to linger on them. They make you a little nauseous.
This book is amazing.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Marvel Masterworks Deathlok

But this is the one I've been waiting MONTHS for! Nov. 25. I'm getting it the second it's released. After that, I'll be living in a post apocalyptic 1985 for quite awhile. Maybe forever.

Monday, November 2, 2009


I'm really thinking about ordering this.  I've never read any Cable. I think it's about time.