Thursday, December 30, 2010

Save As

Here at last is SAVE AS.
This is another one written by that wild Irishman, Rory McConville with dewdles by me.
It's probably the most serious in tone comic I've ever worked on, but it's still got enough weird abstractness to keep it good and strange. Well we hope to get back to it someday. I know Rory's worked a lot on the script and it goes in many unexpected and fun directions. Lotsa cool stuff to draw. Well I gotta go eat pancakes now. Have a MOST EXCELLENT New Years everyone!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Hotel Grotendous

Today I'm putting 'Hotel Grotendous' up on Drunk Duck. This is a comic written by Rory McConville with droowrings by me. It's one of those where I had the title, some character designs, and the beginnings of an idea, and then asked Rory if he could help write it. I also told him to feel free to go wherever he wanted with it. Well, Rory didn't disappoint. :D Happily it's one of the weirdest comics I've ever had the pleasure to work on. Monkeyman Sam Little provided the logo and we were off and running. I hope some day we'll get back to it, because it's just too dang fun.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

End of the Year Sale at Ostley Central!

So it's the end of the year and everything on my computer must go, go, go!
I've got a few comics from some months back that we were prepping for Zuda. Then of course, Zuda broke up, so there they sat on my desktop. I was thinking since it's the end of the year, why not get them out there at least and who knows what may happen?
So today is Mantle Monster Terminators written by Nate Vanengelenburg with art by me.
Check it out and let us know what you think!
Next week I'll update with two others, I'm just waiting to hear the go ahead from the writer. :)
Also, Part Two of the podcast with The DARKHAN CITY AWESOME COMICS CULTURE PODCAST is up.
Take a listen to the jams here.
Thanks Quinn and Robert!
New TKMGK page is up today too. Check out Page 21!

And Page 24 of Monkeyface!

And guess what? Adam Barnett has been secretly updating Snatcher Bodies on the sly. So click here to read pages 3 & 4! What a bounder! What a stinker! What a marooon!

And to you dear reader, I say: HAPPY CHRISTMAS AND MERRY NEW YEAR!!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Snatcher Bodies! TKMGK! Monkeyface!

As 2010 draws to a bloody close, we are proud to present to you another project born of too much sugar and bent brains! Adam Barnett and I have been working closely together the last few months on a project called Hero Action Persons. It's an epic story that's an incredible amount of fun to draw. I'll be sharing more about it soon, but right now I've got to keep pretty tight lipped about it. While we've been hitting the drawing boards on that one, I came across an old project called Holey Moley. I was never really happy with my writing on it, so I asked Adam if he could re-do all the word balloons on it. For fun I told him I'd only send him one page at a time so he'll never really know what's hitting him. It's a great experiment, plus I just like to torture him. So Adam's re-christened it Snatcher Bodies and so far we've put up the first 2 pages on Drunk Duck under our I2D Studios banner. I think we'll be updating that once a week. Take a looksee and let us know what you think!

In other news, Luc Herbots keeps blasting out the awesome TKMGK pages. Check out this slice from page 20:

We are getting close to Page 30 which will be the end of Issue 1. I'm getting excited to break out the script pages and start polishing up Issue 2 now that I know Luc is along for the ride. When I began Issue 1, I was planning on drawing it myself, but then too much stuff was going on and I couldn't keep up with it. It's awesome that Luc has taken it over because it's turned into something better than I had envisioned.

And then there's the Monkeyface:

Sam has given me the script up until page 60 now, and I've got about 10 more pages to draw and then I'll be there too. We're planning on taking this one to 180 pages, so 60 will be a big milestone. In Zuda language, this would have been the end of Season One. In the next few months, I've plotted out my schedule at the school I work at and am ready to devote even more time to Monkeyface. So 2011 is going to be an incredible year for all these projects methinks.
This is OUR TIME! (Goonies Voice.)

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Podcast Interview #1

Here is Part 1 of the interview I did with the awesome Elders of the Runestone dudes: Quinn Johnson and Robert Atkins.
Take a listen!

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Gabe Ostley's MonkeyBunny ÜberInterview!
Award-winning web-comics artist!

Quinn and Robert catch up with an old friend from their college days in this fantastic interview with Hong Kong resident and comics artist extraordinaire Gabe Ostley! Find out how Gabe first became interested in comics, the best skills he learned at art college, and how he came to be the artist for such titles as "The Hammer" and "Kung Fu Monkeyface." Awesome!