Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Oh Yeah, Teachers!

The idea for this project came from working at a school. I noticed one time how much a normal staff meeting is like a Justice League gathering. Each department has its own special 'powers' that the others rely on to make the whole thing work, as well as to 'save' the world. The idea made me smile. And I thought, they should all meet in the library after school and fight crime! But then the more I thought about it I, I thought- wait! I'm not much into superhero books, other than Batman, so why should I make one? So then it became how to make this into something I'd like to read. I went to school in Savannah, GA- one of the most 'haunted' cities in America. I've heard and seen some pretty strange things. To me nothing is more interesting or exciting than the question of what happens when we die. So what if something really strange is going on at their school? What would be haunting it and why? Would the other teachers believe them? What about the students? And what kinds of things will it make the Teachers question? Reality, religion....its a big territory. Suddenly I knew I had something worth exploring. And oh yeah, it needed to be funny! Writing the script and designing the characters/creatures is a wild road. More on that later...

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