Monday, October 27, 2008

Sardine in Outer Space

I've been reading the DUNGEON books by Sfar and Trondheim for awhile now. Completely in love with those books. And I've heard about this, but thought it was a bit too kiddy. But I just saw this at a bookstore and so I thought what the heck. It's not world shatteringly good, but dang if it isn't fun. I think Sfar found that place when you're just discovering how to draw and have so many ideas that it doesn't matter if you know how to draw it, just put what you can down on the paper and move off into the next. Pure raw energy. Not really pretty, but full of electricity. I also really like the format he (and Guibert) used on this. Ten page episodes that all end with the cat saying, "The End." Quite successful. Seems like a good model for collecting a lot of stories within a larger story. I'm beginning to scheme... using this kind of framework for THE IGUANANAUTS...

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