Thursday, June 18, 2009

Something To Say- Opens Tonight!

SOMETHING TO SAY centers around the theme of the wild and interesting t-shirts we’ve seen people wearing in our city.  When we pass each other on the street, these messages transcend language and boundaries- they communicate for us.  How many times have we stared in stupefied amazement at a phrase or message that completely blows our minds? Every shirt is real.  But so are the questions. Are we what we wear? Each phrase sparks an image or a character in our minds. We then took our tools out and explored them in our own way.  We gathered lists, we compared notes; we were researchers, studying this phenomenon with the focus of surgeons. Local three -chord geniuses the GOODFELLAS were called in to assist with the study. What follows are the results of this journey.

Now... it is your turn.



Gabe Ostley

Haruka Ashida Ostley

Emily Eldridge

Ashley Terpstra

Wesley Terpstra


We're getting excited about this! Hope to see you tonight!!!!!!

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