Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Marvel Masterworks Deathlok

But this is the one I've been waiting MONTHS for! Nov. 25. I'm getting it the second it's released. After that, I'll be living in a post apocalyptic 1985 for quite awhile. Maybe forever.


mpd57 said...

I've just bought the original series dirt cheap - lovely lovely bronze age yellowing paper goodness - all for a $1 each - apart from the first issue (#25) which costs a small fortune, but I'll find it somewhere for pennies - MARK MY WORDS!!!

Gabe Ostley said...

Nice! But you saw the Masterworks edition right?
Hardcover, digitally remastered. I love the yellowy paper goodness but this thing looks serious. For serious.

mpd57 said...

I never liked Masterworks for some reason. DC Archive Editions I could enjoy. The b/w softbacks seemed like value - but without the colour were ultimately pointless. The softback Batman Chronicles I like - but over here people are off loading comics like no-one's business so I can get my hands on the originals for cheap - diff'rent strokes an all that :-)

Sam Little said...

Deathlok!! You know I gots all the originals but I might just have to fork out for the Masterworks for easy access.

I like the Masterworks books. I've got all the Uncanny X-Men Masterworks that I drag out every so often. I still kinda regret selling all the originals though. I've bought and sold and rebought those stupid Cockrum/Byrne issues three or four times. I never learn. :(