Monday, February 1, 2010

The Iguananauts!

Sam Little and I did a comic called 'The Iguananauts!' He just put up the first 8 pages on the Untrue Tales website. Check it out: here!


Joe said...

"Exsqueeze me? are you high?"

Ha, that was amazing. Nasa Vegas is officialy my favorite, and no not because he has a lightsaber but because he keeps the galazy safe for lizards of discerning taste.

Now if only they could team up with a stealth team made of chameleons that weren't so good at there job it would be perfect.

Gabe Ostley said...

Glad you like it Joe! :) Yeah, Nasa is a badass. It's funny you mention the chameleons. Sam and I actually did have an idea for a rival team of Russian newts called, you guessed it, The CosmoNewts.