Sunday, March 14, 2010

More Dogs!

Welly welly well me droogies. It's been awhile. Been a mad, mad, month or so of drawing different comic projects and pitches. I've been working like a maniac with a lot of good people, and a lot of fun collaborations are bubbling up all over the place. I feel like I've ordered the appetizer sampler and it's ALL good. I can't specifically talk about anything right now, becuase we're all waiting to see what happens with them. So I'll be very general about the projects. One of them is martial arts themed, another is kind of post-apocalyptic with monsters, another is a futuristic fantasy story, another is a scary yarn about some floating heads, and yet another has a modern day setting with some major surrealness thrown in. Actually another project (that I'm not drawing, but helping write) is also post apocalyptic with a politcal edge. Well, loosely politcal. Very loosely. Heheh. And finally, another one that I finally got to do some sketches for today is with my friend Maria. This one is not for a comic, but I'll talk more about it as we go. But for now all I got to say is ARF! :)


Maria said...

Gabe, These dogs rock! Can't wait to see them and their friends in our project!! Very excited about this!

Gabe Ostley said...

Thanks Maria! YES! I'm excited too- it's going to be a lot of fun to draw these little dudes!

Joe said...

Who let the dogs out?

...Sorry I had to.

(Keeping Fingers Crossed for Evil German Shepard w/Leather Jacket & Grease Hairdo)

Gabe Ostley said...

Joe, I'm glad you finally said it because I had to physically restrain myself from having that song as the title of this post.
Yes. Evil German Travolta shepherds. I can see it. ;)