Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday Comics

It's Monday night in the land of Hong and Kong and I want to update you with some of my latest comics.
First we have the new TKMGK page. This is written by me and drawn and colored by Luc Herbots:

And then we have the new Kung Fu Monkeyface.
Script/layouts/letters/textures by Sam Little. Pencils and inks by The Gabe.

In a few days time its gonna be the 24 Hour Comic Day. Last year I swore I would never do it again. Now as the day draws nigh I just can't resist. Haruka is talking about doing a big 'ole painting too. So I'm starting to mull ideas around. Last year, I worked with Sam Little and Rob Berry and Steve Steiner (my partners in pink bunny vengeance) and we did a Lil' Hammer story. This year my thoughts keep going back to an idea I was bouncing around with Sam a while back called NIXON II. I think it may be time to explore that idea a little more with some sleep deprived, caffeine induced pencils. Oh yeah!


Walter Ostlie said...

I am doing 24 hour comic day this year. Will be my first time ever. Looking forward to it. wonder if I will make it through all 24 pages and 24 hours. No idea what my story will be.

Sam Little said...

Oh hellz yeah! Rock that Nixon OUT bruthah!

Gabe Ostley said...

Walter- My advice is to get the wee hours of the morning out of the way first. What we did last year is started at 10pm the night before and then end at 10 pm the next day. I think we're gonna do the same this year. It's a real trip, and a great experiment. I'm looking forward to see what you come up with.
Sam- I'm scared though. Nixon may be too much to handle. It may make my brain explode. Oh well, no sympathy for the devil. Buy the ticket. Take the ride!