Tuesday, December 21, 2010

End of the Year Sale at Ostley Central!

So it's the end of the year and everything on my computer must go, go, go!
I've got a few comics from some months back that we were prepping for Zuda. Then of course, Zuda broke up, so there they sat on my desktop. I was thinking since it's the end of the year, why not get them out there at least and who knows what may happen?
So today is Mantle Monster Terminators written by Nate Vanengelenburg with art by me.
Check it out and let us know what you think!
Next week I'll update with two others, I'm just waiting to hear the go ahead from the writer. :)
Also, Part Two of the podcast with The DARKHAN CITY AWESOME COMICS CULTURE PODCAST is up.
Take a listen to the jams here.
Thanks Quinn and Robert!
New TKMGK page is up today too. Check out Page 21!

And Page 24 of Monkeyface!

And guess what? Adam Barnett has been secretly updating Snatcher Bodies on the sly. So click here to read pages 3 & 4! What a bounder! What a stinker! What a marooon!

And to you dear reader, I say: HAPPY CHRISTMAS AND MERRY NEW YEAR!!

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