Sunday, January 5, 2014


Seqapunch Quarterly is a really cool and unique publication. They showcase a wide variety of fresh visions & new styles wrapped around a different theme each issue. Their work reminds one that comics are a medium that can tell ANY kind of story.
I'm happy to say that a new chapter in the Broadsword epic has just been published in Seqapunch Quarterly Volume 7. The theme for this issue is "Change" and there are many interesting interpretations by a host of talented cartoonists from around the globe. My offering called "Hit the Head" involves toilets, pajamas, a talking cheeseburger named Kaiser Saucy (thanks Hari Ravi), and a nod to H.P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu mythos.

Seqapunch is available at comic shops across the USA, or you can order a copy here. 

If you're interested in submitting work to them check out their group on Deviant Art here.


Nate V said...

Congrats man that's great!!!

Gabe Ostley said...

Thanks Nate!!