Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Moth- "The Making Of" Part 2

Ah yes, the elusive page 38. Here's one of the many pages from Declan's script that just nailed me between the eyeballs and wouldn't let go.
I needed to spend some time with it, I needed to get it right. So after many hours scribbling:
Coloring is always a challenge, and it took me awhile to get that right kind of feverish feel. I started just pointing and clicking with the tablet in photoshop:
I grabbed Haruka's watercolors and made a real mess in the living room until I got something like this:
I like this set a lot because you can get some bizarre color combinations and it reacts more like colored inks than just straight up watercolors. So then layering these two methods together:
And finally getting those text boxes to fit in:
It really took a lot out of me but I think I got it in the end. And luckily my coffee buddy was ready to fuel me for the next page:
Thanks for checking this out. Stay tuned for Part 3 in a couplea weeks!

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